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Junior Golf at SCC
It’s an exciting time at SCC. So far this year we’ve revamped our junior golf programs to offer better, more quality golf instruction with more options. With the help of Jordan Hawkinson and our new Director of Instruction, Michelle Bell we are excited to offer the following options for your kids this summer.
Intro to Junior Golf Camp
Fun is the Name of the Game
This camp is designed to introduce the game to youth golfers with some, little or no previous instruction. We will build solid foundations for future growth. This class will use a game-based learning approach to build important motor skills. Developing the skills through games and target-objective training that are designed for all to have FUN!   Sign up with friends.
We’ll offer this camp twice each summer in 4 day blocks. Members and non-members are welcome! For more info and registration on this junior golf option, click HERE.
Junior Golf Learning Program
Growth, Development and Fun!
This program is designed to help youth learn the key fundamentals of the game of golf. The main components of the curriculum will involve games and on-course playing experiences. It is based around five core areas of golf. Kids will progress though levels based on their skill and knowledge. The program will utilize a structured learning program with specific goals and incentives where progress can be measured, rewarded and communicated.
All players will be playing courses scaled to their skill level. There will be assessment days offered so your child is placed in the correct level. Students will be participating on teams as much as possible to build relationships and confidence. The program is for players to grow their skills and have fun doing it.
The Junior Learning Program will be offered on Sunday afternoons/evenings from June 3rd though July 29th. For more info and registration on the this program, click HERE.
Stillwater CC Junior Golf Club Leasing Program
Get your kids new clubs each season as they grow in height and skill! We KNOW how important it is to have clubs that fit you. It determines a lot about how we swing the club. Don’t let your kids swing something not right for them. Click HERE for all the info you need to get your kids the right clubs each year for minimal cost.